Dafni Bampanioti (b.1990, Greece), gained a BA in Fine Art from the Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Art in Greece, and upon graduation moved to London, where she was accepted in the MA Fine Art programme of University of East London. Bampanioti was taught by Grenville Davey (1992 Turner Prize Winner) whose mastery and love for sculpture urged her to start thinking about her work on a three dimensional level. At the moment she is an Avisory Committee and Artist Member of ArtCan, a charitable Arts Organisation that supports artists through profile raising activities and exhibitions, an open network of ‘likeminded’ peers, and practical support structures.
”How can one describe in a painterly way all the facts, issues and questions that arise when one looks at women? Can a painting alter our thoughts and beliefs about the female or are men and women around the world brainwashed by the stereotypes built around the female over the passing of time? It is our extraordinary nature, form and idiosyncrasy that have driven my recent work to deal with such matters. My research, both aesthetically and technically, is a journey in finding the answer to the aforementioned. I have always painted women, not only as a way to understand and map my own body and self, but also to satisfy my inner need of materializing the mystery and complexity of the word ‘woman’.  My paintings depict the female figure in situations which may be interpreted in various ways depending on the ideas and standpoint of the viewer. Oil paints enable me to zoom in and describe the female skin and body, and allow me to treat them with honesty for what they really are: something tangible and forever changing, as so are women ourselves. The atmosphere is usually experienced as intense and sexual yet my subjects echo a need to be seen as more than that.”
Selected Exhibitions
What is the point?, Camden Image Gallery, November 2017, London UK
Petit Paris d’ Athènes 2017, La femme en Europe, National Conservatory, Athens, Greece
Appearance of…, A&D Gallery, London UK
Somewhere In Between, The Exhibitionist Hotel, LondonUK
Infinite Human: No Boundaries, Chelsea Gallery, London UK
Corroboration #1, Private Venue, London UK
Every Drop Counts, in partnership with UN Water, WaterAid and Thames Water, TOTO Concept Gallery, London UK
At this point in Time, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh, Scotland
 What Is The Point? Collective, Greek Street Pop Up, London UK
What Is The Point? Collective, The Clerkenwell Gallery, London UK
 Tracing Faces, Benedum Gallery, Monangalia Arts Center, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
What Is The Point? Collective, St. John’s Church, London UK
What Is The Point? Collective, Annual Show, The Mall Galleries, London UK
MA Fine Art Final Showcase, UEL Gallery, London U
Material World, no barking aRt Biennale 2014 Part II, Espacio Gallery, London UK
Material World, no barking aRt Biennale 2014 Part I, Old Truman Brewery,London UK
Synthesis [featuring works by Boy George], Trinity Buoy Wharf Gallery, London UK
Work in Progress Exhibition, East London Artists, University of East London Galery, London UK
Woman and Colour, Karolos Papoulias Conference Centre, Ioannina, Greece